Part of Chez Vous Rollerink Management, Derick Foster started skating since he could walk which was about 9-10 months old. "I love to skate because it’s an art form and a release from personal issues. It challenges me to be better because I'm reminded every time I skate that there's always room for improvement."  If you've ever seen Derick move it’s a form of grace on wheels. His style is uniquely polished and his love for skating takes on a whole new level through each perfected move.


It all started with the hideous brown rentals. The rush of the crowd and the roll of the wheels has been with Boston native Trudy Benoit for a long time. From a very young age her home away from home has  been Chez Vous Roller Rink in Dorchester, MA.  It wasnt until her first trip to Atlanta in 2009  she attended Joi's Skate A Thon her vision grew, discovering  a "sk8te life" she never knew existed outside of Boston.  People from all walks of life rolling mostly in skate crews,  doing tricks and stunts. If you have ever been  to Skate A Thon, then you understand. 

The goal of  2Feet 8Wheels is to promote the skater lifestyle by attending skate events,  socializing and providing skate memorabilia.  2 Feet 8Wheels also strives to bring awareness of the Sk8te Nation to the general public who feel that skating is dead. More importantly 2 Feet 8 Wheels  caters to  those that do not feel right if their two feet are not on eight wheels. These  days  Trudy can be found weekly at the rink choreographing skate routines. "I prefer to do routines that are easy for the average skater so that beginner or advanced, everyone is able to show off. Something happens when you roll onto the floor and the beat is blasting and we all move in sync.  .  . it's the greatest feeling in the world. All you need are 2 Feet and 8 Wheels! 

The Rink: Chez Vous Boston

About 2feet8wheels

Skating is not just something  you do, it's a lifestyle

Services Include:

  • Skate Workshop (s)
  • Choreography -The Last OG Season 2
  • Skate Routines
  • Film Stunts - Orange is the New Black
  • Community Events
  • Music Video Appearances